Oil Spills


  • OilCap is a unique product insofar as it encapsulates hydrocarbons. It is NOT a degreaser.
  • OilCap leaves a powdery residue that merely blows away.
  • OilCap is biodegradable and user friendly.
  • OilCap is not suitable for glass and will damage glass surfaces if left to dry.
  • OilCap is applied with a pump spray and then left to dry. It takes about 5-15 minutes to work depending on ambient temperatures.
  • OilCap is not suitable for pooled oil, where one would use VIROSORB, a kitty litter type product, but the residue is taken OUT of the substrate by OILCAP.

Oilcapis water basedand works by the encapsulation of thebenzene ring in the hydrocarbon, where it convertsit to organo-silicates and carbon.

Oilcap is suitable forspills on hard surfaces (roads, concrete, brick etc) as well as in the soil.

Oilcap saves those responsible for oil pollution from paying huge fines by allowing them to treat any contaminated area such as concrete, cement, painted surfaces, soil, ground, stones and rocks in situ.

Oilcap is the PRODUCT of the FUTURE. Its uses are endless.

Oilcap is currently being used by the Chevron refinery, Cape Town, South Africa, for the cleaning of all hydrocarbon spills in soil, on concrete and on roads.

In addition, it is being used by Eskom for the remediation of all transformer oil spills and by a number of HAZMAT companies, Fire brigades National and Municipal road departments for the remediation of all hydrocarbon spills

Size - 25 litre


  • ViroSorb is manufactured from treated manure, so is a renewable resource, unlike peat. It is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • ViroSorb is measured by kilogram (25kg bags), not by litres able to be absorbed, like many others. This is the only accurate way to measure, as different liquids have different specific densities, e.g. diesel will be soaked up by less product than heavy oil.
  • ViroSorb is as effective as the peat products in absorbing oil.
  • ViroSorb is able to be treated with Oilcap once used, enabling it to be disposed of as normal waste. This makes it extremely environmentally friendly, as it negates the special disposal procedures needed for oil soaked waste.
  • ViroSorb is also available in spill booms of various sizes.

Size - 25 kilogram bags and in various spill booms.


If ViroSorb is used to soak up oil, the waste product can be treated with Oilcap to remediate the oil. This renders the ViroSorb re-usable, but also safe to the environment, and if discarded, can be done so as fertiliser. This is because the Oilcap changes into the organo-silicates and carbon, which not only removes the oil, but accelerates growth of plants.