FLUID FILM - anti-corrosion rust preventer, rust arrester, lubricant and penetrant

  • Fluid Film® is an anti-corrosion, rust preventer, rust arrester, penetrant and lubricant.
  • Fluid Film is lanolin, completely natural, environmentally friendly and safe to user.
  • Fluid Film has been shown in the ASTM B-117 test to be far more anti-corrosive than most other products tested.
  • Fluid Film lasts longer once applied, so is more cost effective.
  • Fluid Film has a flash point of 405?F (207?C), up to 4 times higher than petroleum based products.
  • Fluid Film contains no solvents whatsoever, even in the aerosol, so is environmentally friendly, safer to user and far more economical.  Most other products contain solvents, which evaporate once sprayed, contaminating the environment and posing health hazards.
  • Fluid Film can size is 333ml, but as there are no solvents, contain more actual product than larger tins of other products.  This makes it more cost effective ml for ml as well as being more effective.
  • Fluid Film is rated non-hazardous and non-toxic in the USA, and in Canada has been rated as food grade approved.
  • Fluid Film Gels (AR, BW, BEW) can physically be applied underwater and will not leach into the surrounding water.
  • Fluid Film can be used for anti-fouling on any vessel.  The thicker products last for a long time.
  • Fluid Film is fully water resistant on all surfaces, and displaces water on contact.
  • Fluid Film Liquid A can be float coated (pour into confined areas and fill with water, then drain, leaving surfaces coated, even if wet).  This is a process often used in marine applications.
  • Fluid Film prevents bi-metallic electrolysis as happens with some other products, as well as spalling.
  • Fluid Film® is the product that is being used by the US Defence Force, including use by the Navy on the nuclear submarines, by Sikorsky Helicopters and by Boeing on the space shuttle.  In South Africa Fluid Film is being used by Armscor, Transnet, SAPS, DCD Dorbyl and has been endorsed by Chevron's head office.
  • Fluid Film® can be used on all surfaces.  Surfaces and applications include all metals, electronics (pc boards), air turbines, firearms, all marine applications, leather, wood, aluminium, boats, tools, wire ropes, winches, chains (also for motorcycle chains) and much more.

Sizes and products available locally:

333ml aerosol AS (solvent free aerosol)

50ml NAS (non-aerosol cream)

1 gallon NAS (non-aerosol cream)

1 gallon Liquid A (very thin consistency, for penetration and float coating)

1 gallon AR Gel (Vaseline consistency)

5 gallon BW Gel (Whitish colour, thicker coating, last up to 10 years)




Fluid Film for Guns and Recreational Equipment (fishing, bikes, diving gear etc.)
Fluid Film for Automotive Applications
Fluid Film for Aviation
Fluid Film for Landscape Maintenance
Fluid Film for Trucking
Fluid Film for Winter Equipment
Fluid Film for your Home.
Fluid Film in Heavy Marine Applications
Fluid Film in boating
Fluid Film’s Commitment to the Environment

Fluid Film for Guns and Recreational Equipment (fishing, bikes, diving gear etc.)

Fluid Film is the perfect all-in-one product for recreational equipment. Fluid Film provides a natural corrosion coating that displaces water and moisture, working in all weather and salt water environments. For hunting, shooting and fishing gear, from water sports to deep-sea fishing, Fluid Film protects guns and rods and all other equipment from rust and corrosion and provides long term lubrication to the tiniest of moving parts. For motorcycle chains and all manners of off road vehicles, Fluid Film provides a barrier of protection from mud and dirt, making a great chain lube where dirt will not build up and where cleaning is just a rinse away. Fluid Film is suitable for use on leather, and can be used on saddles, tack, straps, collars, hiking boots and a multitude of other applications.

Fluid Film for Automotive Applications

Corrosion is the single biggest threat to your vehicle. Consistent exposure to the elements can lead to deterioration of metal.  Road salt (those Namibia trips) and debris also kick up and cling to vehicle underbodies, corroding metal and electrical connections.

Fluid Film’s unique lanolin-based formulation stops existing rust on contact and penetrates into the substrate, creating a fluid, self-healing barrier that is always active and will not chip or crack, protecting vehicle undercoating’s and exposed metals for extended periods of time. Safe for use on all metals, it will prevent pitting in chrome, will not harm paint, plastic or oil-resistant synthetic rubbers, and has exceptional lubricating properties, preventing and stopping squeaks.  Great to protect your mags, dashboard, plastic bumpers, rubbing strips, external mirrors etc.

Electrically non-conductive, Fluid Film has a high flash point (207 deg C) and is perfect to protect battery terminals, electrical connections and electronics.

Fluid Film for Aviation

In the critical fields of the aerospace and aviation industries, corrosion preventatives and lubricants face an extensive battery of tests to reach chemical approval. Fluid Film has been tested and approved by U.S. government research laboratories as advanced as Boeing’s Space Systems Division for use on the Space Shuttle.  Fluid Film is also used by Boeing's Engineering Materials and Process Laboratory for use on aluminum alloys and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, exceeding requirements and ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Fluid Film has proven so effective, that specifications were written by the U.S. Defence Force (Navy/Army/Marine Corps), Sunstrand Aerospace, Boeing North America, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. National Guard, Sikorsky Helicopter and Delta airlines for the use in a variety of applications.

The U.S. Air Force, in accordance with Mil-C-16173-E Grade 2, conducted testing on Fluid Film, where it exceeded all performance requirements.

Fluid Film for Landscape Maintenance

Lawn & Gardening equipment is constantly exposed to highly corrosive substances, such as fertilizers and pesticides.  Heavy rains and high humidity are also contributing factors. The best protection from these elements is systematic maintenance.  Neglected equipment cost time and money and eventually lead to earlier replacement of the equipment than is necessary.

Fluid Film can be used in all applications, serving as a lubricant, penetrant and rust/corrosion preventative,  saving time and money, and helping reduce wear and tear on equipment.  Fluid Film leaves less of an impact on the environment and will also not burn greenery or freeze, making it perfect for year round maintenance.

The landscape is a big part of the golfing experience and Fluid Film helps to maintain that beauty when used on golf course equipment.

Fluid Film for Trucking

Corrosion in the trucking industry is a billion Rand a year problem. Truck bodies, electrical and electronic connections as well as trailer wiring are all failing at unprecedented rates. With busy driving schedules maintenance products need to provide maximum durable protection and lubrication to avoid costly repairs.

Fluid Film’s soft, self-healing coating protects all metals, wiring systems and truck underbodies from the effects of chemicals. Its non-drying film provides lasting lubrication for all moving parts and stops squeaks. Fluid Film is not water soluble, resisting splash off from water, slush and mud during driving.

Fluid Film for Winter Equipment

South Africans are not subject to much snow or winter related problems, but Fluid Film does not freeze (it has been shown not to freeze down to as low as -100 deg C) and as such is useful in any extreme cold.   
Fluid Film is an excellent release agent for snow and ice (in refrigerators, where it can be used as it is food grade approved).

Fluid Film for your Home.

Fluid Film is safer for the environment than the most commonly used domestic products, and will easily outperform them all.  It is not petroleum based and contains no solvents, even in the aerosol.
Fluid Film can be used on every surface you can think of at home, from locks and hinges, to anodised aluminium window frames, vehicles, tools and much more.

Fluid Film in Heavy Marine Applications

Fluid Film has been supplied to the heavy marine industry for over 60 years.

Fluid Film has been successfully used on many types of marine vessels, including commercial ships, offshore exploration drill-rigs, military ships, barges, floating dry-docks, caissons and pontoons.
The Fluid Film range consists of liquids, gels and greases that are produced from specially processed lanolin and corrosion control constituents. They are thixotropic, non-drying, solvent free, corrosion preventives that require minimum surface preparation, will not dry out and resist water washout. Fluid Film is applied by spray, fill and drain or flotation in a one coat application.

Fluid Film provides exceptional corrosion control for voids, inside rudders, ballast tanks, bilges, anchor chains, chain lockers, winches, wire-ropes and a multitude of top side appendages. Fluid Film will supply long lasting protection for all coated or uncoated metals that are subject to saltwater and atmospheric corrosion.

Fluid Film in boating

Fluid Film’s is the most anti-corrosive product available, as it contains the natural moisturizing and water-repelling properties of lanolin, natures own protector. Fluid Film creates an airtight shield that safeguards all metals in extremes of corrosive atmospheres, yet remains safe on all surfaces, including paint, plastics and oil-resistant, synthetic rubbers. Fluid Film penetrates and migrates without evaporation, leaving an expansive, non-conductive film that is highly resistant to water wash off and corrosive elements.  Fluid Film is thixotropic, self-healing, and will “fill” scratches on treated areas.

Both salt water and fresh water make effective corrosion prevention a common problem in the boating industry. Fluid Film can be effectively used in engine compartments, on electronics, electrical connections and all exposed metals that are exposed to moisture and salt contamination. Fluid Film has been vigorously tested by US Navy laboratories to determine its effectiveness against corrosion of steel from salt air and salt water, including galvanic corrosion (contact between two dissimilar metals). Fluid Film was named "the superior performer of all tested materials" with comments such as “outstanding”  and “profound” by different Government testing agencies, including the US Naval Aviation Depot in Pensacola, Florida and the US Naval Surface Warfare Center in Philadelphia.  This was after being tested against 11 other major name products, and outperformed all of them hands down in the ISO corrosion test.

Users in South Africa include Transnet National Ports Authority, DCD Dorbyl Marine, South African Police Services, Armscor, SA Navy and many more smaller institutions.

Fluid Film’s Commitment to the Environment

Fluid Film products are solvent free and consist of a natural lanolin base, making them more environmentally friendly that any petroleum based competitors, as well as containing less than 1% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in bulk form.

Fluid Film remains solvent free since its original formulation in 1943, and provides the highest quality corrosion preventives and lubricants available on the market today.
Fluid Film will not burn greenery or any form of plant life when used on cutting devices or cause damage to any plant or animal life if accidentally introduced into water.  That being said, it should still be used judiciously in marine and boating applications.