Infection Control

MixMed offer a range of infection control products for not only the medical industry, but any area where disinfection is a concern.

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Medistel (MedDis) is the high level instrument disinfectant (cold sterilant) for scopes andinstruments.

Enzystel (MediGene) is a triple enzymatic instrument pre-cleaner, suction solution and ulltrasonic bath solution.

Distel (TriGene Advance) is a nano-technology medical grade high level surface disinfectant, capable of killing TB in 30 seconds.

HTA 5 Advance Sensitive Gel and Creamwash are medical grade hand scrubs, suitable for all skin types.

HTA7 Advance is the 70% isopropylalcohol based hand sanitizer with disinfectant,Vitamin E and emollient, where washing is not always possible, but disinfection is required.

Byocare hand sanitizer is a non-alchohol sanitizer containing the Byotrol active ingredient. It is supplied in a 50ml foamer and has a 500ml or 5 litre refill available.

Disinfecant wipes - We have both Distel and Antifect disinfecant wipes, ideal for surfaces. Wipes are supplied 100's for the Distel (small tubs) and in 550's and 1000's for the Antifect (5kg buckets). Both are alcohol free and so can be used on any surface.