Corrosion Control

MixMed Corrosion Control products in brief

Fluid Film - lanolin based anti-corrosion rust preventer, rust arrester, lubricant and penetrant. Solvent free and environmentally friendly. Available in 333ml aerosol, 50ml and 1 gallon liquid or AR Gel.

MCU - Moisture Cured Urethane paint. Thin film technology, single system, so no mixing needed. MCU is able to be applied in any weather, at almost any temperature and humidity on almost any surface. Completely UV, acid and chemical resistant. MCU has the highest abrasion factor in the world. Available in 5 litre tins, as Aluprime (primer) or Miozinc (topcoat). It is possible to use either product as both primer and topcoat.

MetalTec TC - Paint on thermal and acoustic insulation. Very little preparation required. 2mm coating gives similar performance to 150mm of traditional lagging. Available in 20 litres.